Local Driveway Contractors - How to Find Good Deals

When you've decided to have your driveway made, and have the budget set you need to start looking around for local driveway contractors in Birmingham. But how do you find the best for your particular project? There are only a handful of excellent driveway builders in the West Midlands who you can rely on to do the job to a high standard, visit this page.

It's a great idea to look around at your options first and make sure you get some referrals from friends and family members who've had their driveway done recently or maybe know of someone who has that way you can get there first hand experience.

Get a few estimates first from 4-5 Brummie firms. You'll want to compare prices so that you know you're getting the best deal. Most companies are happy to give you an estimated price but will also need to visit your home to do full measurements and discuss ideas. Make sure after talking to several different companies that your happy with everything discussed before giving them the job. Some contractors charge an hourly fee while others base their pricing on the labour & materials. Make sure you're clear on this before agreeing to any estimates.

Make sure you know if the company will do the work on their own or if they will need to bring another Birmingham contractor in.
The last thing you'll want to look for in local driveway contractors is whether they offer you any kind of guarantee, should you not be satisfied with the work they have done. Most companies will give a 5-10-year guarantee, so make sure you check this out when asking about what they can offer you.

Finding local driveway contractors isn't hard. Just remember to ask about warranties, costs, and other important factors so that you can choose the best fit for your needs.
When choosing local driveway contractors, the only things that matter is finding the best company in Birmingham for your budget. Getting satisfaction comes from having a great driveway done without breaking the bank.

If you're planning to hire a Birmingham driveway and paving contractor for your driveway, you'll want to figure out what you're willing to spend on this job. If you're doing this yourself, you may want to take some suggestions from friends and family members who've had past projects done.
You may be able to save money by looking around online like visiting this website for a great quote before you begin to shop around. The reason this works is that you can quickly compare prices and plans between companies before you decide.

Make sure you also keep records of the quotes you get and make sure that the information you're getting is accurate. Keep track of the quote and, what kind of materials used. It's easy to make mistakes when estimating, so make sure you're getting accurate information.

Get all of the quotes in writing so you know what you're getting. Keep these documents for your records so you can review them when you need them later. You'll need a hard copy for your records, too.

If your wanting to save a lot of time you can contact us on the number below. We do all driveway styles, block paving, tarmac, resin bonded, imprinted concrete, garden patio's, walkways and pathways. 

Areas we cover in Birmingham, West Midlands

  • Sutton Coldfield
  • Erdington
  • Great Barr
  • Kingstanding
  • Four Oaks
  • Mere Green
  • Solihull
  • Bromsgrove
  • Halesowen
  • Edgbaston
  • Bournville
  • Walsall
  • West Bromwich
  • Aldridge

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​Steps In creating a Stone Walkway or Patio

  • Step 1

To prepare the surface use a shovel to remove any large rocks and fill any holes from the area to be covered then use the iron rake to make the soil as even a possible.

  • Step 2

Next, use the compactor (these can be rented from any equipment rental dealer) or sod roller to compact the soil. Then use the shovel and iron rake to lay down a uniform layer of sand anywhere from one half to three quarters of an inch deep. Then use the compactor or sod roller again to compact this into a smooth surface.

  • Step 3

Use a large level (three to four feet in length), to ensure that this surface is even. If it is not add more sand to low areas to generate a smooth level surface. Once the surface has been prepared, it is time to lay out the stones.

  • Step 4

If the stones are square and there is an obvious place to start, such as the end of a driveway, the side of the house, etc., it is best to lay those stones first. If there are no boundaries, as for example a patio set in the middle of a lawn, it is best to start in the center of the area to be covered. In either case it is important to use the level to make sure that each stone is not only level but the same height as the previously laid stones. Use additional sand to bring the stones to the appropriate level if needed.

  • Step 5

When laying the stones, make sure to leave some space between the stones. The space between stones could be anywhere from ¼ to 1 depending on the type and size of the stones used and the builder preference. But it is important to use a ruler to ensure that the spacing is uniform on all sides of all stones.

  • Step 6

Once all of the stones are in place, pour the grout powder in a bucket and add the appropriate amount of water. Mix thoroughly with a stick or the trowel. Note, make sure to prepare no more than be can lain out before it starts to harden. Once the powdered grout and water are a thick uniform paste use the trowel to pack the space between the stones.

  • Step 7

Use the edge of the trowel to remove any excess grout. Use a damp rag to remove any grout from the surface of the stones before it hardens. Once the grout has been placed between all the stones let it dry or cure for at least 24 hours. Complete the project the following day by applying a uniform layer of grout and stone sealer.